Autumn in Poland

Autumn here in Poland is magical.   The weather might be unusually hot right now, but that hasn’t stopped the leaves from putting on a show that would make Monet emotional.

Autumn is definitely my favourite, I know everyone goes gaga about spring, but there is something so magical about Fall, the leaves turn from green into the most vibrant show, only to wither away and fall off the trees, it’s like a reminder to remember that life is fleeting, but in it is a whole lot of joy and beauty.

Poland and Autumn is definitely a match made in heaven, the forests of Gdansk, make for a pretty as a picture backdrop that will make your heart skip a beat and make you yearn to get your basic on by grabbing the nearest pumpkin spice anything you can find!

I think Arren has had enough of Autumn, and his crazy parents that keep chasing him down with leaves.

Forcing him to run through it.

Throwing the said leaves in his face, all while having a look on his face that screams “you guys suck so much”.

You better get used to it kid, because there is still a whole bunch of Autumn left and mama is just waiting for the perfect moment to cover you completely in leaves, watch your back!

Autumn is the perfect time for family walks, exploring nature, collecting chestnuts, hoping said chestnut isn’t the only treenut Arren is allergic to, relieved when said chestnut that went to his mouth didn’t cause a reaction, and continuing to run through the leaves, because soon all this color with be replaced by a blanket of white.  Until then I will be soaking up all this yellow!