Asher is 4 months old

Well here we are Asher is 4 months old, honestly I don’t know how it even happened, the second time around things are easier, but going by so fast, Asher is growing so fast and everyday he’s just getting cuter.

He’s 4 months old, but has been hitting milestones early. He started smiling earlier which made our little hearts melt, but when he stared laughing early , it felt like an extra month of joy, he’s just doing his name justice every day, because he’s so precious and a wonderful blessing.

He started rolling over last month, but keeps forgetting how to do it, some days we can’t do tummy time at all because he keeps rolling over. I think he inherited the forgetfulness from Carl.

He’s only 4 months old, but he can sit up by himself, mostly it has to do with the fact that since he’s been born he’s been crunching up to try and get back up himself, he hates being put down.

Arren is always ready to give Asher hugs and kisses, sometimes they are not friends, but other times Arren is always looking for little Ashie.

Asher is our calm during the storm, our little pandemic baby that we wouldn’t change for anything.

Thanks to covid Carl has really been able to experience all Asher’s milestones, with all the bad the virus has brought there is a whole lot of good too.