Asher at 8 -9 months

These updates keep coming up and I always struggle to keep up. Being a mom of two little boys is busy, sometimes it feels like I get no sleep at all, but it’s worth it to have such a lively apartment.

Seeing as 9 months came rolling around, while I was still buys typing 8 months, I decided to combine them.

Asher is busy, busy, busy. He’s always ready to go from the moment he wakes up and since he could win the Olympics with his crawl speed it’s hard to keep up, you can’t give him a headstart otherwise he’s trying to get in the recycling. Trying to eat a shoe or pulled himself up by Arren’s face just to pull his hair;

but he is just the cuddliest little boy he loves to laugh, shares everything and is always looking for me, it’s the cutest thing.


  • loves books…but not in your typical reading a book to him way, he loves throwing all the books out and seeing how far he can fling it across the room. A current favorite is That’s not my owl.
  • He’s got the cutest little wave around.
  • Crawls fast.
  • When he’s doing something he’s not suppose to he starts panting and crawling faster, completely giving himself away.
  • Pulls himself up and walks along the couch.
  • He’s turned into Arren’s little alarm clock, his morning routine starts with him crawling into Arrens room to go drool on Arren’s face.
  • Has a little headshake dance when music plays.
  • Loves to eat. Broccoli is still his favorite food. Really soaking up this time when he’s not picky.

Everyone loves having little Asher around. Arren loves the hugs and attention, but he’s not a fan of the drooling and all he toy stealing. I hope their relationship blossoms more as they grow.