Asher at 10 months

and just like that we are in the double digits, 2 more months and I have a 1 year old.

Asher at 10 months is a handful, I sometimes can’t believe the sweet content newborn baby that was so chilled and calm is the little guy he is today.

ASHER IS A LOT! I sometimes just look at Carl and tell him Arren wasn’t this busy, he would at least take breaks. Asher on the other hand is desperate to move around and explore everything, he crawls around throwing everything out or down he can find, everywhere you go you can find Asher destruction piles. Homeschooling with him around is tough he demands to be a part of it and likes to throw all the markers out and rip up any paper that looks important.

but he gives the cutest smiles and is just the happiest little guy around.


  • Stands everywhere he can. Thinking about picking something up from under the couch, you better watch your back, because Asher is near. He will use what ever he can to pull himself up, that includes hair, skin, eyeballs or anything that he finds pull-upable.
  • He can stand unassisted.
  • claps for everything, sometimes he just stops crawling gets on his knees and starts clapping for himself, I get it, if you’re not going to praise yourself first how will other people admire you.
  • Calls mama every time he needs me, which feels like all the time.
  • Is Arren’s alarm clock, he likes crawling into Arren’s room and giving him a couple of slaps in the face for no particular reason. They have a love hate relationship going on at the moment.
  • loves to eat. He still prefers broccoli over everything else, and will often share with Arren which revolves around Asher slapping Arren in the face with broccoli while Arren cries and pretend vomits.
  • loves all teddies, but really loves a hello kitty teddy.
  • Throws a ball like an athlete.
  • Lovingly known as Ashie

10 months has flown buy, but life with Asher just feels right. He’s so special and brings so much light and warmth into our lives.