Arren’s Half Birthday Celebration

On Saturday we had a little half birthday celebration for Arren.  Baby boy is 6 months old!  It feels like only yesterday I held my not so tiny baby in my arms, feeling so incredibly grateful that you were so perfect, and you’re still just as  perfect.  

Arren is half way to a year?! It’s been the most amazing experience being this guy’s mama even though these last 6 months have gone by in a blur of happy exhaustion.   When you’re this happy you should celebrate it with cake? or half a cake?

Even Arren wanted some cake and decided he was ready for a smash cake, luckily for us papa was fast enough to “clean up” his hand before he got his first taste of sugary goodness.


I know to some a half birthday seems insane, but seeing as we won’t be here for Arren’s first birthday, we really wanted to get a chance to celebrate with my sister and her family, besides we kept a rambunctious baby alive and thriving for 6 months! We all know we need a little celebration for that! He’s the perfect reminder of the gift of life, and how these precious moments are fleeting, I’m grateful that I have this little space to share our day to day lives and have a little reminder of moments like these.

For his party I decided to go for a yellow and white theme, seeing as Arren’s favorite color at the moment is yellow.  I bought a cake and halved it topping the one with Arren bunting flags and the other one with 1/2 birthday candles, after that I wen’t crazy with the half ideas.  I wanted to get donuts to half, cupcakes to half and everything else you can think about, but somehow  I toned it all down, with the reminder that food waste is not cool.

Instead I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and double chocolate chip cookies and halved them, with that I made some “half baked” maple mustard popcorn and some halved pizzas.  I made the sourdough the night before, because of the longer ferment time, and started on the pizzas a little bit too late.   I forgot about the cardinal rule in my family that if you’re on time, you’re late! I was planning on halving all the pizzas and placing them on the table, I ran out of time thanks to my sister arriving way too early ready to eat!  It’s a good thing I made four different types of pizzas!


I made a little refreshment area with some home made punch ready to be poured and let everyone have at it!

My mom really wanted to get a photo of the cousins together, but she could just as well have asked for a golden tiara, getting these boys to cooperate for a photo was near impossible!

When my mom realized she wasn’t going to get any better than this one she moved on to asking for a photo of her children with their children.

not any better, but she was happy.  I’m really hoping my next baby will be a girl so my parents can finally get the granddaughter they’ve always wanted, my mom has been sending Arren a suspicious amount of girly things,  a pink frilly hat was included so hopefully I can deliver the next time around!

Carl was such a good sport and helped me so much with planning and setting up for the party I don’t know what I would do without this guy around.

My sister wanted to throw this guy away and of course I had to rescue him! Vintage toys are always a good idea, besides look how happy he is eating cake.

Arren seemed to have a lot of fun, he had so much fun he skipped nap time and just played away with his new toy.  We paid for that mistake later.

Do any of you celebrate half birthdays?