Arren’s First haircut

There is something so bitter sweet about your kids first haircut.  I was so reluctant to cut Arren’s hair, he wasn’t one of those babies born with a full head of hair that had to get trimmed the whole time.  No, he was a little baldy, that took forever to get hair and when it finally grew he somehow got left with a mullet.

We lovingly named Arren Tufts, because of his little euro mullet he sported, but tufts, soon turned into tangles, and tangles, became into “why is your hair growing like this?!”   Instead of giving him a new nickname, I decided it was time.  It was time to take the plunge and cut his hair.

I always thought kid hairdressers were such a waste of money, but when I cut Arren’s hair I realized, they deserve way more than they get.

As I ran after Arren cutting his hair on the move, little section at a time, and sometime I thought was only going to take a couple of minutes, turned into an hour affair, and with my patience slowly disappearing, I noticed that my little baby face, didn’t look like a little baby anymore, those couple of tufts were the last thing holding him back into babyhood, and now I looked at the face of a little boy.

My mama heart felt so sad, but I was so happy to look at this cute little boy.  He’s turning into such a little character, each day he surprises me with new little quirks.