It’s strange to see a little personality forming and developing and a distinct Arrenism being formed.

Yes, this boy can’t speak yet, but man is he his own person.  He’s also made me realize boys are gross and they are just naturally built to find tooting funny.  Arren has had his own little personality from birth he didn’t buy into the whole Freud theory that he needs earthly experiences to be his own person.  Since he was born he’s been a later comer to a party, but as soon as he gets the hang of something, man does he excel at it.  He made me wait more than 2 weeks after his due date to meet , but as soon as contractions started I got to meet him an hour late, even at almost ten months he’s still like that, he wasn’t a fan of rolling over and Bam! He’s crawling like it’s no one’s business.



  • He only poops when he’s sitting or standing and will rather pee if his diaper is off.
  • He giggles and crawls away really fast while peeing on the carpet.
  • He giggles when he toots, because you know….Boys.
  • One day while putting a bow tie on him, I decided to put it on his head instead, he crawled to mirror, looked at himself and started kissing the mirror.  Obviously he thought that girl was a cutie.
  • Arren loves to interrupt conversation between me and his papa, with very loud babbling.  He obviously has something important to say.
  • He thinks the laptop is voice operated.  He will loudly scream kind of words at it in the hopes that it will turn on.
  • He gasps when he sees something he wants.  Mama got me blueberries…. GAAAAASP.
  • He fast crawls while trying to get something he knows he shouldn’t touch.
  • He loves our landline phone….He coos at it, like he’s an operator from the 50’s.
  • When he sees anyone holding any form of technology he will want to sit on their lap.  Children these days, they start younger and younger.
  • He has a specific “meat is murder” look, when anyone gives him anything with meat in it.  He spits it out like someone offered him rusty nails.  Oh, and he just knows when someone is sneaking in meat in his food.  I’m so proud!
  • He’s got a specific wave that can either be described as a Hitler salute or a manekineko wave.
  • He loves books so much it’s ridiculous.  He especially loves destroying them.

He’s just getting more and more personality by the day!

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