Arren Yuki at 14 months

With each passing day Arren’s personality keeps blossoming, and faster than I can blink is he losing his little baby chub, and replacing it with the cutest little toddler.

Since turning a year old Arren has grown out of his baby phase, He refuses to be fed by anyone but himself, he hates getting dressed and never ever sits still.   Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible for him to have so much energy.  At the end of the day, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  The exhaustion sits in and I just can’t move my body, if it wasn’t for our little 85% dark chocolate at the end of the day, I would just go to bed at 7 and not wake up.

His personality is so funny and adorable I can sometimes just not deal with the cuteness.  This is definitely my favourite stage, I feel like I say that about every stage, but trust me this one is a good one.  Living with such an opinionated little person has taught me a lot about myself and pushed me to try and better myself, he’s shown me how much love my heart can give, and to think before I react.   Most of all he’s filled my life with so much fun and laughter that being exhausted is all worth it to see him so happy.


  • He plays with his shape sorter and is getting the hang of which shape goes where.
  • He loves figuring out how thing work.  He will look at the light then at the light switch and demand to get picked up to switch on the light, all while watching the light go on.
  • He pretends to be doing something ridiculously cute and while you’re distracted, he sprints into the toilet trying to play with the toilet water.
  • He’s very opinionated about what food he likes.  He doesn’t like fruit cut up, but he loves whole fruit.  Give this boy a nectarine and you will see just the pip left behind.
  • He’s a great little sharer and will offer you bites of his drool covered food.
  • He loves going to our local park.  He goes crazy for the swing and slide.
  • He loves cats and dogs, but is more of a cat person.  We have a cat that’s always in our garden and he starts cooing when he sees it and demands to stroke it.  He does the same sound when he sees a cat photo.
  • We have a little game where he will run and hide behind the door and I will say “where is Arren?” and he will come running to me laughing.  He does this like a million times a day, it melts my heart every time.
  • If I’m lying on the floor, he will sneak up behind me, pop up and bite my nose.
  • When I get down to Arren level and hold out my arms he always runs in for a hug.
  • He kicks balls like a little soccer player.
  • He video calls his Papa regularly.  We don’t know how he does it, but it’s always when I’m cleaning and not watching him.
  • I’ll often find him sitting on his little chair in his playroom reading a book.
  • When he finds an earbud he will try and clean his own ears.
  • He tries to climb the big slide steps by himself.
  • Always looking for a hand to hold, just to drag us around the house.