Arren Turns One

Exactly one year ago today, I was holding my baby in my arms for the first time.

Arren was completely planned, but everything else about him has been such a surprise.

Here are some of the surprises from the year.

  1. He arrived way, waaay later than we thought he was going to.  I was convinced I was having an elephant pregnancy, by the first of January.
  2. He came in hot and was born an hour and 5 minutes after my contractions started.
  3. My midwife didn’t make it.
  4. He had to be caught by his father.
  5. I didn’t think I would ever do a lotus birth, I probably wont ever do one again.
  6. Baby boys are gross.
  7. There is so much pee and poop.
  8. It will become nothing but a thing, and you will find yourself talking about said poo over dinner time.
  9. Postpartum depression sucks.
  10. Beating postpartum depression is the best
  11. Anaphalaxis is scary.
  12. Babies are bullies.
  13. Having your heart explode day, by day, by such a gross little bully is amazing.

Today we celebrate Arren’s 12 months of life! ┬áHe’s the funniest, cutest, naughtiest little guy I know, and I don’t know what I would do without him in my life. ┬áLove you baby boy.