Arren turns 4

The third birthday he has had in Poland, He’s had more birthday’s here than he’s had in South Africa. This year was a special birthday, he picked out the cake he wanted himself from just a touch of nudging from me, his first pick was an amazingly detailed fondant astronaut cake with sprayed galaxy, maybe next year I will have enough time to collect all the ingredients and give it a try, but this year was not it. We compromised on an oreo cake.

The night before Arren’s birthday was hell, after cleaning up the extremely large mess Carl and Arren made through out the day it was already midnight, I quickly frosted his cake, made doughnut dough, wrapped presents and hung up decor. I asked Carl to set an alarm for the next morning so I could make the doughnuts and put helium in his balloons, and in true everything is extremely overwhelming and chaotic mode, Carl snoozed his alarm and I couldn’t get to everything.

The only thing that appeased my anger was seeing Carl swear and struggle putting Arren’s birthday presents together.

Arren woke up and was thrilled with the birthday decorations and the really big presents. He wasted no time at all and got straight to work opening all the presents. The thing about Arren is, he is not a morning person we joke about giving him a babychino or a shot of pure sugar in the morning, just because he just can’t snap out of the morning grumps and daze. He looked out of it all morning, and only at 11:30 started snapping out of it, by that time he had a pretty sweet house to play with and a fun marble roll that he just can’t get enough of, he was completely outraged by his new Winnie the pooh shirts we got him, because he will never take of or betray his Winnie the pooh hoodie.

He was really excited about doughnuts for breakfast, I mean who wouldn’t be and was even more excited when his cake came out. I was so surprised at how patiently he waited for me to cut a piece of cake for him before he dug in.

The showstopper of his birthday was the extremely large Winnie the pooh balloon I got him, he couldn’t stop hugging him and eventually tried dressing him up, before he was violently thrown down the stairs.

He turned four and everything changed for this boy, everything just clicked and he’s making really big strides at big boyness everyday.

I honestly don’t know what we would do without or little big boy. He’s fun, silly, smart, kind and really fun to be with. He only wears bright loud clothes and loves Winnie the pooh. Everyday with him is a joy, even when he’s tantruming. He’s turning into such a good big brother and calls Asher, Ashie. Happy birthday Arren, hopefully this year will be great for you.