Arren the biter

We have a biter on our hands, a very disgruntled biter.  Whenever he is really, really mad at us, especially Carl, he bites him.  

Sometimes he just gets frustrated that Carl is trying to help him, and  he thinks a quick hard bite will teach him a lesson.  Other times it’s when he hears his least favourite word…”no”, but most of the time it’s when he’s frustrated that it’s 9 pm and we want to leave the park.

It doesn’t help that he’s getting his two year molars and everything has to get nibbled right now.  Molars are just the worst, but he’s really struggling with these, he’s been whiny, clingy and feverish for the last couple of days, but on a positive note, we are almost in the clear for teeth! Soon he will have a full set of pearly whites and teething will be done for our precious Arren.

Hopefully this biting phase will come to an end soon, I don’t think Carl can handle anymore biting.