Arren the artist

I don’t know what it is about paint that sends dread through my body, the clean up, paint on everything or just the pure chaos of it, but you know what art is messy.

We’ve been learning about color mixing and process art, so I let Arren go wild with our little squirty ikea paints.

The process is fun and he really got into it, we added bowtie pasta to it to really make it pop. I told Arren to add more texture with the brush.

Every time he added another layer he would yell texture! proudly.

Seeing children play and grow is beautiful, I’m really grateful I get to be there for Arren when he needs me an he’s getting a little more understanding that Asher also needs attention. Juggling two kids is fun, the apartment is livelier and the joy of little people just can’t be beat.