Arren meets a dog

There is something magical about having a baby, when you experience so many firsts with your little person it opens your eyes to the magic all around.

Are you a cat person or are you a dog person? I think it would be fair to say that I’m both. ┬áI don’t discriminate against any fluffy animal, when my eyes make contact with any part of a cat or dog, you will see my back as I make a run for it, it doesn’t matter how deep in conversation we will be, because soft cuddly things come first!

Since having a baby? You will still find me making the hard decision of should I abandon my baby for the warm touch of a dog or cat.  I found out, that Arren wins, who am I kidding Arren wins most of the time at nearly everything! He runs this house, I really hope that we will be in charge by the next one, or we might get disciplined by two kids.  Back to the dog.

When it came down to it, turns out I was willing to hold on to Arren while trying to stroke a dog.

Arren at first played it cool, pretended like he wasn’t that into this furry new friend, but then, he touched it and a little smile spread across that cute little face.

I couldn’t believe how gently he stroked this little fluff ball. ┬áI think it’s fair to say we were both upset when the dog left.


Next time we need to find a cat!