Arren and the Christmas Tree

I would like to say this is the first Christmas tree Arren has tried to destroy, but in a span of four days he has tried to destroy two.

I don’t know what it is about a Christmas tree, but when kids see all those shiny, bobbly things something goes off in their heads that say, I will touch every inch of this thing and maybe I will even knock down your tree. The fist Christmas tree I tried to show Arren, he somehow leaped out of my arms and grabbed the biggest shiniest bobble I’ve ever seen, you would think his tiny baby hands would never be able to hold such a enormous ornament, but Arren surprised the heck out of me, he grabbed and succeeded in pulling it right off the tree, almost taking the whole thing with him. ┬áI didn’t know if I should be proud or completely horrified. ┬áI decided to be proud and let Arren have his little moment of pure happiness in the middle of a department store, because the magic of childhood can’t be stopped!

The second time, my sister foolishly took Arren to see her Christmas tree, and show him the little train going around the tree, Arren wasted no time in grabbing the little train and looking at it like he just caught himself a big prize….well, that lasted for about a second, he then proceeded to look at all those pretty decorations that looks like the ultimate game, and decided to start grabbing for them.

Needless to say, we’ve decided to not have our Christmas tree on the floor this year. ┬á We’ve instead settled for a small driftwood tree high above out of the way of little baby hands.