Arren and his blankey

Kids imprint on the strangest things, you get them a cute little teddy that you are sure will be their cute little companion only to have it looked at like you were insane to even think this thing was going to have a connection with your child.┬á Sorry, bunny, in my head I thought you would be dragged around by the ear and be Arren’s forever companion, instead he chose a green blanket over you.


Since moving to Poland Arren has taking a real liking to the blanket, he takes it wherever he goes, and follows me around with it demanding discreet milkies.

Even when he has had enough of our nonsense he grabs his blanket and is off to find a new adventure that doesn’t include his stinking parents.

and then your Mama seems like a pretty okay person when the camera comes out, because blankets mean nothing when you’re real best friend shows up, the one mama really doesn’t want you to touch.

but with smiles like that, and a face of pure joy you just might…

get really close

and your mama will cave and let you play with it, just for a bit, while she holds it tightly.  This guy gets away with so much, because of those smiles.