Arren 4 years old

4 year olds are fun, 4 year old Arren is the best. Arren has come a long way from being the quiet boy he use to be, this boy can talk! and he’s getting better by the day, he no longer tantrums around every corner he’s more understanding, and willing to compromise or make deals that he begrudgingly accepts.

Hearing his little loud voice in the house makes me so happy, even though sometimes I get demanding of quiet time and tell everyone I need my fortress of solitude for a couple of minutes, I still somehow love the chaos;

the little footsteps, endless amount of laundry, learning and all the fun that this boy brings me is worth all the worry we had. He’s perfect in every way.


  • He loves to build and makes little constructions out of everything.
  • Train obsessed, he must know everything about trains and even constructed a train out of blocks
  • can count to 100
  • loves to swing at the park and explore the train station.
  • loves pileups on the slide.
  • Loves all the cars movie, does not like it when lightning becomes a trainer.
  • bed jumping pro.