An Animal Free Circus


What child doesn’t have a fond memory of the circus? and at the ripe old age of 7 months Arren got to experience his first animal free circus! What a lucky little boy.

My main circus memory revolves around a clown, me urinating on my dad’s lap out of fear for this clown and a lifetime of hatred for clowns commenced from that day.  Lucky for me the griffinzi brothers circus hardly had any clowns roaming around.  This animal free circus is a great treat for adults and kids, it’s a fun day out for everybody..  With lots to do for young and old.

I personally wished it was a bit bigger and had more rides, guys on higher stilts and more height orientated stunts, but hey, that’s just me.  Back in my day things were a little bit riskier! hahaha.  Or maybe I just remember everything being a bit higher, because I was so short?

Arren loved looking at all the rides, listening to all the strange sounds and receiving all the compliments.    He was so content in his stroller, that we stayed a bit longer than we intended.

The little baby changing tent cracked us up.  Arren had a whole bed to himself when we tried to change him.  It wouldn’t be a diaper change without Arren trying to flip himself over and show his butt to the whole world, while making us look like parents who don’t know what we are doing, but hey he’s a cute little handful.

a circus trip to me wouldn’t be complete without treating myself to some cotton candy.

Carl took some horrible photos of me eating my cotton candy, that I just couldn’t believe he took.  Maybe it was pay back for eating all the cotton candy, but if he really wanted some he should have gotten his own.

Arren was obsessed with this water bottle he claimed it as his own and kept trying to drink out of it.  While giving us this look when we just looked at his water.

This was the moment he saw my water bottle in the stroller.

He was so content just sitting and playing with his water bottle, while we shared a quick meal.  It was a nice little date, that just so happened to include our baby, but when you’re baby is as cool as Arren you best take him along.

It was fun being able to take Arren to an animal free circus to experience all the colours and sounds that comes with a circus, but without the animals.