and it was all yellow

With every day that passes it’s starting to turn more and more yellow, and I’m loving it.  There sure is something magical about Fall. 


Living in a forest is definitely a magical experience.  You get to see the seasons change in such a dramatic way.

Right now it’s yellow, soon the red leaves will appear and then we get to look forward to the bare trees of winter, with the magic that snow brings.

Well magical to look at.  It’s a general nightmare if you have to walk everywhere and you can’t really buy bulk items.  Last year I basically walked in a blizzard and this year Arren is taking stubborn to a whole different level, he is refusing to have the rain cover on and making walking in the rain a horrible time.

I can’t even imagine how intense it’s going to be when it snows, hopefully he surprises me and allows the cover to be over the stroller.

I’m not planning on it, but you know, I’m hopeful.  Right now, I’m eager for it to cool down more.

The thing about living in Poland is the people start dressing for the season as soon as the solstice happens.  Everyone is already wearing hats, scarves and mittens, while Arren and I sweat away a storm from being overheated in our big jackets.

Mostly I want it to cool down so people can stop telling me Arren needs to be wearing a hat or mittens.  He runs hot!  Hopefully it will start cooling down soon.