an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Pretty flowers on our first walk around the new hood.


^^ Found this cute little conservation area close to our new house.  We also found a huge snake that made me almost poop my pants.


^^ Green grass and mountains.


^^ We were really exhausted from moving from a top floor apartment, but we still took the time to go for a walk and really relax.


^^ Shrubbery everywhere.


^^ The wind was really intense and it was so humid and hot in this little conservation area it was such a drastic change.


^^ The beach close to our house.


^^ First selfie on the balcony.

Hello wonderful people! How are you all today? I hope you had a great weekend and your Monday goes by faster than it showed up!We finally moved into our new little house amongst the mountains, after a gruelling two days, thanks to the old tenants leaving this place in a horrid state and me going into must sanitise house completely for baby mode, we are finally a bit settled.  I always assumed its etiquette to clean a house before you leave it? Apparently not.  I’m usually 5 seconds away from leaving chocolates on the pillows for new tenants when I leave a place.  With all the chaos and our internet not being set up yet we haven’t watched general conference yet, but with instagram always showing us little snippets it seems like a good one! I can’t wait to watch it.

This pregnancy has brought out a horrible monster inside of me, I just can’t stop ignorance and silly comments to do with the fact that we don’t want to know the baby’s gender, that we want to keep things gender neutral even though we’ve been getting boy coloured outfits that just boggles my mind and the fact that I don’t want kitschy character printed outfits.  I never understand why people have to say obscene, hurtful, ignorant things and afterwards say they’re only joking, its like Freud says: There are no jokes.  Well not in circumstances like this most of the time people just say what they want not worrying how it comes across just so they can cover it up with saying its a joke. Why can’t we all just be respectful? Is it really that hard?  Pregnancy hormone rant over!

2 thoughts on “an instant of life captured for eternity

  1. Emily says:

    I really love the view from your new place?! And really, what is it with people leaving a place in horrible condition? I could never do that…I don’t get it.

    Also, people are the worst. Sometimes I don’t think they realize they’re being offensive, and genuinely mean well or are just trying to fill the space with something to say, but I can imagine pregnancy invites all sorts of ridiculous and unneeded comments and attention.

    • Melissa says:

      I know! I love it! We’re looking for a cute little french bistro table for the balcony, just so we can have breakfast while looking at that view. Yeah, I completely get it, but its always a little bit hate speech-y and just so obscene and I don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour!

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