an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ The bees are all out and and about enjoying all the almost spring flowers.


^^ Pretty flowers on our walk to the beach.


^^ Pretty ocean, we are convinced this ship is sinking.


^^ have you ever seen an albino squirrel.  Carl spotted this guy when we left from our hike and stopped to take photos of this guy.  The most photogenic, yet scruffiest squirrel around.


^^ what a poser.


^^ We made it back down just in time,  when we got to the car it seemed like rainmagadeon .  Just look at all this rain at a nursery.


^^ Amazing skies.


^^ Really blue water.


^^ another pretty sunset.


^^ Checking out the flowers while Carl takes a photo.  He always takes so long to take a photo.  Hence the face.

How was your weekend? We wen’t for a walk down to the beach, but it was an unbearably hot day with an unpleasant amount of people.  The promenade was filled with people cycling without helmets for them and their kids?  I find it so dangerous to see kids that aren’t even one yet on their parents bicycles without a helmet.   Protect your precious cargo, guys! We went for a lovely quick hike around deer park again, that was basically me just running telling Carl, I need to get my exercise in and he walks to slow.  It was a really great weekend, but any weekend with an albino squirrel will be interesting.

2 thoughts on “an instant of life captured for eternity

  1. Emily says:

    Daniel always takes so long to take a photo too! I’m like, if you had snapped it quickly I wouldn’t have had the chance to be so awkward, so it’s his fault haha.

    I’ve never seen an albino squirrel!

    • Melissa says:

      I constantly blame him for all the bad photos. I could make a cup of tea with the time he takes to take a photo and he’s just so quiet, so I never know what’s going on!

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