an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ amazingly wonderful cloudy day at the v & a waterfront.  We walked around, took some photos and went to the amazing H&M sale!


^^ Scenic drives, sometimes you just have to stop to take some photos of the clearest, bluest water you’ve ever seen.


^^ ocean gazing.


^^ Clock towers.


^^ The  cutest tugboat.  On one side it was really cloudy and on this side it was blue, Cape town always wants the sun to shine.


^^ Flags floating in the wind.


^^ Mountains, ocean, what more could you want.


^^ Walks around camps bay.  The best tidal pool, I’ve ever seen.


^^ Just standing around.  Cape town and my hair does not go together, my hair has never looked so bad.  Its been bumming me out.


^^ Pretty flowers on the beach.




^^ This mountain range is called the 12 apostles, for obvious reasons.

How was your weekend? did you have a daily adventure?  Since pokemon go’s release we’ve been watching pokemon again.  Sometimes its great to feel like a kid again and watch shows from your childhood, every time they call an onigiri a jelly doughnut I laugh and laugh.  Silly people.  Our one year wedding anniversary is coming up in a week, a year has just flown by! We’ve been looking for the perfect paper joined gift to get, we’ve been looking all over the show for a perfect print, but we keep coming up empty.  I guess the best place to look is online.  What did you get for your one year wedding anniversary?

2 thoughts on “an instant of life captured for eternity

  1. Emily says:

    Everything is so beautiful! I want to swim in that tidal pool, look at those mountains, just soak it all in. And that clock tower! I love the intricate iron work.

    • Melissa says:

      Yeah, its amazing! We’ve been avoiding the more touristy areas and hitting all places up when its slightly cloudy and cold. Its the best time for an enjoyable experience.

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