an instant of life captured for eternity

Life around here has been a bit crazy! We’ve been trying to squeeze in every last minute thing we still HAVE to see before we leave on Monday.  Its true what they say, time flies when you are having fun.  Four months have come and gone and I can’t believe we are almost saying goodbye to Dublin, but new adventures await in the everyday norm.  Heading back to South Africa seemed like it would be such a drag, but we are moving to beautiful Cape Town, so how can I be mad about that. I’ve lived nearly everywhere , but I’ve never given Cape Town a try.  I was always apprehensive about  a place that the wind blows so hard you have to hold onto a street pole, true story! Resistance training will be easy in Cape town!

I finally managed to buy gifts for all our family and I feel really good about the things we picked out, hopefully they like it, but souvenirs is just a nice way of saying ” I travelled around, while you didn’t”. I found the perfect gift for my sister, I actually felt really silly about not thinking about it, because I kept trying to find my surname in the Irish crest coasters, which was really stupid, I mean my maiden surname is German and my new surname is Dutch, but my sister married a good old Irish boy! Carl found their crest and looked really happy with his amazing gift giving skills, good job Carl, you finally managed to pick out a good gift! He usually sucks at giving gifts.  We came here when it was winter and now we are heading back when its Autumn in South Africa, I don’t know when I will see a summer again, vitamin D seems like a distant memory at this point.

I will miss this crazy beautiful, always raining, yeah its kind of spring but cold place, but a new challenge awaits and I’m ready for it!


^^ Found this random fair on one of our night walks.


^^ This pipe really intrigued me.


^^ The museum of archaeology is filled with wonder and really disgusting bog bodies.


^^  I love a good mosaic.

IMG_2323new - Copy

^^ Crazy hair.

IMG_2325new - Copy

^^ When you are the happiest out of all your new friends.


^^ The detail on this is just amazing!


^^ Naked statues! and my insanely weird feet.


^^ A tree.