We almost missed our flight and a long layover in Frankfurt

We made it to Gdansk Poland!  Things have been hard since we got in our uber to get to the airport, it was a whole series of unfortunate events that almost broke us!

On Wednesday the day we were going to leave for Poland, Carl had to work a half day, a half day that was making us already cut it really fine to get to the airport in time, we finally got in our uber and everything was going smoothly, we got out the uber I grabbed my bags, Carl got the suitcases and as we were struggling with Arren, and still trying to get our stuff the uber driver started reversing with the doors open to try and get going.┬á I closed the door trying to get Arren out of the way so he wouldn’t get hit by the uber, we started rushing in, when Carl realized he left the bag with our passports, Arren’s Epipen and his laptop in the bag, we tried everything to get hold of this guy for an hour, another uber saw we were super panicked and drove Carl to the uber headquarters to try and phone this guy, he didn’t pick up his phone for a really long time and finally they got a hold of him, he confirmed that the stuff was in his car and that he was begrudgingly going to come back, he finally made it back 30 minutes before our plane was suppose to take off, we booked in our suitcases and ran through the airport like crazy people, went through passport control and finally made it on the plane with 4 minutes to spare!

We had plans to wet wrap Arren, change his diaper, put him in a night time outfit, instead we had a grumpy toddler that was hella angry at us, but Arren loves flying and forgave us as soon as we got on the plane.

You forget how brutal long haul flights can be, but nothing can ever compare with a long haul with a toddler.┬á We didn’t manage to get a bassinet, so Arren tried to sleep on his seat, but he could just not get comfortable he tossed and turned most of the night, and woke up really grumpy when we landed at 5:30 in the morning.

We went through German customs quite fast considering that they are really thorough, and asked a whole lot of question and made us show them a whole lot of documentation.  Instead of just sitting at the airport we decided to go into the city by train which is way cheaper than getting a taxi.

A quick 15 minute train ride, had us right in the heart of a very, very hot Frankfurt .┬á The great thing about Europe is, it really doesn’t matter what you end up doing just walking through the city is fun and extremely beautiful.

We found a little park with a stream for Arren to play at and soon his jetlag kicked in and he passed out, giving us time to walk in Europe like a couple of newlyweds.

After we were done eating pretzels we headed back to the airport and got on our tiny plane to Gdansk!  The land of open containers of peanuts in most shops and dried sunflower heads in every corner.  Poor Arren is really suffering here, but that is for another post.