a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Growth spurts are hard guys! Wow,  you just start thinking  you have a sleeping pattern and then, bam! Time for a growth spurt ,yet again!  Arren was so clingy and restless the whole weekend, the typical growth spurt behaviour, he constantly wanted milkies and just refused to sleep.  When Arren doesn’t get his day sleep, he will not sleep at night.    We are starting to think that getting to church at 9am will just never happen!

You would think a tired baby would fall asleep easily, but noooooo! Its like trying to get a scratching angry cat to just take a little nap.

We wanted to go look at the penguins, but with such a grumpy little guy on our hands we decided traumatizing the penguins with high pitched screaming was definitely not something we should do  Hey, there is always next weekend!

He did manage to get a couple of smiles and giggles out, but who could be grumpy in a lamb outfit? Nothing, makes you feel like the funniest person in the world like a baby that almost collapses while laughing at you.

Hopefully this week will bring a happier Arren.