a reaction a day

Being an allergy mom is hard, being an allergy mom in a different country that doesn’t speak English is even harder.

It’s no surprise that Arren’s allergies are bad, but we weren’t on a reaction a day bad, until moving to Poland.

The thing about being an expat is you don’t know what you will get, never in my wildest dreams did I think we would move to a country that has his two main allergies around every corner, all the shops and corner shops sell dried out sunflower heads and you will often see people walking around with their sunflower heads, getting their seeds out and spitting the remainder on the floor, you will see people sitting at the bus stop shelling their peanuts and chucking the remainder on the floor.┬á Almost everything may contain peanuts, and some of the things that doesn’t say anything has caused a reaction.

It’s hard not having a reaction a day when you’re constantly walking in peanut shells and sunflower seeds.┬á I’ve started preparing myself for the when he goes into anaphalaxys and not the if.

A reaction a day is like getting a new case of ptsd every single day.┬á The not sleeping, because your toddler is so itchy and miserable, the frustration of having to benadryl all the time, the hopes and prayers that the benadryl works and the gratitude prayers said when he’s okay.

Being an allergy mom is hard, but I love having my sweet, smart, naughty and wonderful boy around to teach me lessons, and show me how to smile even when you don’t feel your best.