a delightful stroll around trinity…

After numerous days of not being able to locate trinity college, thanks to hordes of people, and just our confused lost tourist vibe, we finally managed to make it in without looking like complete idiots.  We did manage to get in a lot of peoples photos, regardless of duck running.  Its definitely worth all the trouble, its a beautiful college that makes you just want to go in and pretend to be a student and study your butt off.  Maybe even walk the grounds with a book under your arm, looking for the perfect place to read it.  Yes, it’s that kind of college.  The strap on some suspenders, grow a beard and get some glasses kind.

Instead of going into the expensive library we just milled around and really got to experience the free outside!


^^ With these guys looking down on you, you know you should be studying.




^^ Carl would make a mighty fine student here.


^^ When the grass is this green, you would never have to worry if its greener on the other side.



^^ Found the perfect place to read that book.




Its a great place to spend a blue sky day!