A day at Camps Bay beach.

We stumbled upon the magical wonder that is Camps bay by accident, we had all these big plans of going to Hout Bay, walking around the market and really taking in this cute little fisherman village. ┬áInstead we got really overwhelmed with the lack of parking anywhere, the crazy amount of tourist and how it wasn’t really what we expected. ┬áCarl being the most frazzled person in the world, decided to just drive back to the apartment, I was like “for real bro?” I wanted to go into the organic grocer and walk around, but instead we found Camps bay beach.

Walking around on a clear beautiful day that was a bit chilly and a whole lot of windy, seeing a lot of different types of people just relaxing and taking in the beauty all over. ┬áI even saw a woman dressed in a purple velvet dress taking a nap on the beach? I still don’t know what that was about, but it made the experience all that much better. ┬áCute little restaurants and cafes line the streets and it makes for one amazing walk, unless like me you decide to go test out the softness of the sand and almost fall face first into the most magical white sandy beaches you’ve ever seen. ┬áI haven’t given up on Hout bay just yet, next time we might get a bus or just take an uber.


^^ Walking along the walkway surrounded by large boulders.


^^ Love can be found all along these streets.


^^ Birds just splashing around.


^^ Have you seen a more regal looking seagull.  It did its horrible squawk after this and completely ruined its regal look.


^^ Pure magic.


^^ In case you wanted to feel like royalty.


^^ I just love the colour of these flowers.


^^ On Saturday I’ve been married to this handsome guy for a year! ┬áHe doesn’t do well in sunny situations, his eyes seem to disappear.


^^ My hair looks terrible in Cape town. So flat and miserable. ┬áI’m 5 seconds away from getting a perm just to see some kind of improvement. ┬áThanks, Cape town.