A boy and his monkey

Arren has gotten so affectionate in Poland it might be the big change or it might be that he’s having quite bad reactions every day, but man are we loving all the love that’s coming from this guy.

Between all the hugs, kisses and cuddle he gives us you would think he couldn’t possibly have anymore love for anything else, but boy does he not discriminate from hugging little kids at the playground to loving every single teddy he has, his love has no end, but somethings do get loved a little more than others.

Monkey is a top pick these days, he’s constantly staring deeply into his eyes.

Holding him.

Hugging him

and just being all over him, they are inseparable and the little dynamic is just heart melting.

It’s a big change from the little baby that was petrified of monkey and now he snuggles really close to him.

We have this “game” where I will be cleaning and he thinks it’s the best time to move all his teddies to the couch.┬á If you’ve watched some of my vlogs you can clearly see a big old brown bear on the couch, because right now Arren is in a teddy phase, cuddles to all and especially to teddies.