a boy and his balloon

Childhood is a time of exploring and finding true happiness with the smallest of things.  Having children make you realize that happiness should be easily attained.  

Seeing Arren so extremely happy with his balloon really makes me realize how we take happiness for granted, why can’t we take  moment and find bliss with the small things, a yellow flower brightening up a little patch of brown grass, a tree creating shade in the heat, a breeze that feels so good on a hot summer’s day.  It’s easy to start losing a childlike sense of wonder, when we are constantly glued to our screens,  so driven to succeed, that only trivial things start to make us happy.  If we focus on the here right now, we can start finding happiness in the right here moments .

Instead of grabbing something as we rush out the door, lets rather take a moment to wake up earlier and sit down with our kids to enjoy our meals.  Even if it’s something small, if we take time to really enjoy what we are eating, maybe we wont overeat, while we work.  Instead of speaking out of anger, instead take a second to think about what you say before you hurt someone’s feelings.  This earthly life is so short, finding beauty and happiness in the smaller things can ultimately lead to a happier life.

Little Arren found happiness with his balloon.  Running around with his little balloon in hand, rubbing it on his head, not sure why, only knowing that his papa did it to him so it must be something you do with balloons, just melted my heart, he’s growing into such a cute little boy.  Each day he teaches me something new, babies get sent to us with such wise little souls, they are the ultimate teachers.

Arren has taught me so much he’s taught me patience and to have a calmer personality, he’s taught me to go with the flow and that messy houses is the ultimate learning ground, but mostly he’s taught me unconditional love,  I’ve never been bullied this much before and no matter what, loved someone as much as I love this little guy.  I will take all the bruised noses to have him in my life!

and it wouldn’t be a photo shoot without your typical Arren photo so here you go.