a baby lives here

the thing that I wasn’t prepared for or maybe forgot about is how all the baby things just land up everywhere, the one morning i woke up to find wet wipes under my pillow. Between all the burp cloths, tiny baby socks and diapers, it sometimes feel like everything just exploded everywhere, and when you add a little kid to the mix you have one really big mess.

It’s made me accept the right now, the chaos, the mess, the little crumbs everwhere is just right now, and right now we have two little boys making fun little memories. Arren loves to put his preschool activities on the wall which drives me insane, but boy does he feel so proud of himself. The right now is beautiful.

I mean as beautiful as life with two boys can be, I was reading an instagram of a mom with two little girls and she made everything out to be perfect at that time I had Arren running around without pants, unwashed hair from the newborn daze, and felt elbow deep in baby poop, wondering what life with girls would be like.

I’ve finally accepted that this is life right now, and trying to change something that can’t be changed during this strange time is just not going to happen. Enjoying the right now with my family is all we can do. One day we won’t be living in Poland anymore, and I wont have to try and get a pooh bear hoodie of a very unwilling child, it seems like that time will never come but it will be here sooner then I realize. Embrace the now!