A baby at the beach

A baby at the beach is the cutest thing your will ever see, but a soon to be toddler is even cuter.

We’ve been loving how close our new place is to the beach, even though Carl and I both are self proclaimed beach haters.


We’ve been converted to beach lovers. ┬áWe love being able to go for a run along the beach every morning, being able to run on the sand with our little Arren in tow is such a blessing and Arren the third self proclaimed beach hater is slowly changing his mind.

Give him a bucket of water and some really soft sand and he is ready to show you his best beach body.

What makes  toddler cuter at the beach than a baby, is all the crawling, standing and fast actions that make you worried they will dig a hole and never be able to get out of it again.

The cute little squeals of delights and the sudden panic when they realize sand is their friend, but it can also be their enemy.

Our trips to the beach are never long because of the wind making little sand daggers that cuts us deep, but the shortness makes it almost sweeter.