7 Months with Arren Yuki

Arren is starting to look like a little boy everyday and I have to say……It’s bumming me out so much.

Arren is such a little weirdo and has decided to get all his teeth at the bottom.  Four teeth down and they are all at the bottom.   The fact that he has no teeth at the top has not stopped him from being a ferocious eater .  This boy loves to eat!  He loves it all, purees, solids and everything he’s tried so far.  Well, everything except broccoli, he loves it pureed, but he gives me this look of complete disgust when I give him a broccoli stalk.  I guess, that’s what happens when his best friend is a broccoli plushy.  One of the things that really surprised me was how much he like lentil dahl, this boy just couldn’t get enough of it.  I’m hoping he stays such an adventurous eater, but you know…..I’m not getting my hopes up!

I’ve moved on from making him his own little special meals, to giving him things we’re eating.  In the mornings we will have oats with apple sauce, or congee, for lunch time Arren and I will share a banana and for dinner I give him a low salt version of what we are eating.  It’s made life so much easier!  Everyday is a little bit different and it’s really made me look at what we eat with utmost care.

Every month I look at Carl and I tell him this is my favorite month so far, but man! This stage is just something special,  he’s so playful, talkative and so cute, I sometimes just grab him and force hugs on him.  He just looks like your prototype baby!

He’s such a little talker, if he has any form of words in front of him, he will start babbling away with this look of surety on his face, that just screams.  Yeah, look at me I can read too.  We have the cutest baby conversations during the day, sometimes he gets a bit too heated, and brings it back down, with calming tones and a cute little smile.


  • He rolls to wherever he wants to go and scoots in a circle.
  • He’s now sitting in the bath and I just love it! Baby butt is just the best!
  • He loves tickles and being thrown in the air by his Papa.
  • He starts giggling when someone says the word “rude” and “no”.
  • I’ve showed him how to chew properly, by going chew, chew, chew and dramatically showing him how.
  • He still opens all the doors for us.
  • He hates the sun, and is starting to act more like a baby vampire by each passing day.  He now has baby sunglasses.
  • He tasted beach sand for the first time.  Face planting in sand is not fun.
  • He likes knocking down all my block towers.
  • Everyone thinks he looks like boss baby.  I agree!

Arren is over the halfway mark! I can’t believe it!