6 Months with Arren Yuki

I can’t believe my beautiful baby boy is half a year old?  Some people say time moves faster when you have a baby, but I think it moves really slow, especially when you wonder if you will ever sleep again.

The month leading up to his 6 month update has just been about teething, poor Arren has just been teething, teething, teething! I’ve started to wonder if he will have a full set of pearly whites before his first birthday! Just kidding, but at the rate he’s going at I wouldn’t be surprised.

He’s still such a big peoples person and everyone just gets really excited when they see him, it makes going out really interesting.  People just coo and go crazy for him, people generally just take him out of my arms to hold him, even cashiers at grocery stores, and he just eats up all the attention.  He’s all smiles when people compliment him, he knows he’s cute.  He looks like such a little baby doll, who can blame everyone for wanting to hold him.

I’ve finally found the best remedies for teething, baby painkillers, frozen bananas wrapped in a clean cloth, and rice cracker teething biscuits.  I felt like I needed pain killers during these last couple of days, but he finally cut the tooth and he’s already seeming his happy go lucky self!


  • He’s sitting up now, he still needs a spotter occasionally, because when this guy topples he topples hard.
  • He’s so grabby, he will make big jumps to grab things.  He’s carried around the laundry basket for me while I carry him.  He’s already such a good little helper.  He will also grab the skin right off your face, watch out for those cute little hands.
  • His fat rolls, are just getting more and more defined!
  • He’s started using his papa as a trampoline, he jumps so enthusiastically and with so much delight on him!
  • Carl put him on his shoulders for the first time and it’s their new favorite thing.  It cracks me up.
  • He babbles a way a storm, he’s got the cutest little husky voice.
  • He’s still bald and loving it.  His hair is growing out so silly, he’s got little bunches of longer hair and shorter hair on the sides and the little bald spot on the back is still there.

After having no sleep this weekend we moved his little half year birthday party to next weekend! Yay for half cakes and pizzas! I need to celebrate the fact that I’m still running on no sleep, but somehow smiling through it all, because having such a cute and wonderful baby seems to be the only fuel I need.