50 non peanut Airplane Snacks

Surviving long haul flights with kids is bad enough as it is, toddlers have an independent streak, they want to be active and they love routine, flying with a child that has severe food allergies can send waves of fear through your body, but with all these non peanut related snacks you won’t need to bring peanuts on the plane causing a possible life threatening allergy.

Arren was diagnosed with severe food allergies at 6 months, and with that came a whole different level of fear, the fear of people not understanding allergens, the fear of having to experience a little person going into anaphalaxys and the fear of making other people feel uncomfortable.  Instead I wanted to show people that you can bring snacks on board that doesn’t require any peanuts or nuts for that matter.

and because of Arren’s allergies, we have to bring Arren’s own meals on board, so we are planning on bringing more substantial food along.

non peanut airplane snacks

  1. raisins
  2. dried banana chips
  3. cookies
  4. muffins
  5. pretzels
  6. grapes
  7. carrot sticks
  8. cucumber slices
  9. cherry tomatoes
  10. cheerios/otees/ or any dry cereal
  11. pouches
  12. apples
  13. pear
  14. celery sticks
  15. easy peelers
  16. rice cakes
  17. corn chips
  18. crisps
  19. puffed crisps
  20. puffs
  21. mini marshmallows
  22. beef jerky/ biltong/ oh poppy seed vegan biltong
  23. waffles
  24. little pieces of chocolate, but you will have to keep an eye on your kids, because of melting and little butts sitting on it.
  25. chocolate covered raisins
  26. Fry’s soy nuggets ( we are egg and dairy free and Arren loves these)
  27. Jelly beans
  28. Yogurt, (good for short flights) also a spill risk
  29. Pita chips, hummus for dipping
  30. crackers
  31. bagels
  32. cereal bars
  33. any sandwich that doesn’t contain pbj, cheese sandwich, hummus sandwich, bacon sandwich, tofu sandwich, the possibilities are endless.
  34. Onigiri ( Japanese rice balls) easy to eat
  35. Roll ups
  36. blueberries
  37. raspberries
  38. edamame
  39. cauliflower tots
  40. tater tots
  41. sweet potato crisps
  42. beetroot crisps
  43. cheese
  44. Popcorn or kettle corn ( not suitable for toddlers, but great for kids and adults)
  45. breakfast cookies.
  46. bell pepper strips
  47. snap peas
  48. black bean brownies
  49. scones
  50. roasted chickpeas

These are just a few ideas, it’s easy to decide not to take peanuts on a plane!