5 Tips to Survive Teething

Teething is not only hard on your baby, it’s just as hard on the parents and the entire neighbourhood! We’ve survived teething, by coming up with tricks that seem to really work for Arren, instead of keeping it to myself, I’ve decided to share my 5 tips to survive teething!

At the rate Arren is going, some might call him a teething expert.¬†Baby boy has 6 teeth at the bottom, Yes, you saw right, my cute little 7 month old baby has 6 teeth all at the bottom with not one at the top. ¬†He’s really kept us on our toes, with a lot of sleepless nights, wondering if it’s possible to survive on such little sleep, but with our 5 tips to survive teething, we’ve managed to get sleep even on the roughest of nights.

There are a lot of things on the market, and a lot of things that just didn’t work for Arren. ¬†A lot of people rave about teething powder, but Arren just hated it. ¬†He looked at me like I was some kind of horrible witch that made his entire mouth numb, he cried and cried while biting the air. ¬†It was a sad, sad day for me, where I felt like the worst mother that ever lived. ¬†Teething gel, this worked, but it only worked for such a short period that I didn’t think it was even worth it. Instead of going into detail of everything that just didn’t work for Arren, let me share my 5 tips for surviving teething.


  1. Diluted chamomile tea.  Chamomile tea is a great natural sedative.  It keeps us calm and sleepy, making bedtime a relaxing experience.  It works all that magic on your baby as well!  A really diluted chamomile tea given to your teething baby at night time is a perfect way of soothing them while giving them the rest they desperately crave while teething.
  2. Frozen bananas or baby popsicles. ¬†Cold rubbed on the gums can be really soothing for a teething baby, think about when you’ve hurt yourself and you use an ice pack for your injury, that’s exactly how it works for your teething baby. ¬†Place a small frozen banana in a mesh feeder and let your little cranky teether munch on it during the day. ¬†If you’re baby is a bit too young for solids, freeze some breast milk in an ice cube tray and place the cube in a mesh feeder. ¬†Or make Popsicle and let them gnaw at it.
  3. Love.  Give them all the love and cuddles that they need during this time.  Being in so much pain is horrible for your baby and they really need you during this time.  Be patient and give them all the cuddles they need.
  4. Chew toys. Arren wanted nothing to do with the teething toys we got him, but he really loves his soother,  This things looks like a little mouth guard, but it gets the job done! He goes to town on this thing, flicking spit on everyone he can.  He also likes nibbling on wooden toys and tongue depressors.  Yes, after a visit to the Dr we discovered what amazing teethers tongue depressors make, so we ran to our nearest pharmacy and bought a whole lot of them.   He loves them!
  5. White noise .Night time is the toughest time with a teething baby, they need their sleep, but they just cant get comfortable. ¬†In comes… white noise! White noise played the whole night really can calm the fussiest teething baby. ¬†Combine that with lavender essential oils for a calming effect and you have yourself, an almost bearable night!

Do you have any tricks and tips for surviving teething?