5 Months With Arren Yuki

My happy baby boy is 5 months old! It still feels like yesterday that his father caught him and we were still trying to figure out this parenting thing! ┬áIt’s strange how so much can change in a couple of months, Arren went from being this vulnerable tiny baby, to this laughing, large little baby boy in just ┬á5 months!

This month he kicked his favourite broccoli plushy to the curb and is now obsessed with his pacifier, he used to hate his pacifier like it was the most disgusting thing hes ever seen or tasted, but now he loves to have it in his hand and put it in all by himself.

Hes been a little grabby baby and nothing is safe! Not even your face skin! He pinches, and grabs making you feel like you’re slowly getting tortured….especially when he grabs the skin on the back of my arm…babies are mean.

He still enjoys being carried around everywhere, but now prefers being pushed around in his chariot AKA his stroller, this boy loves to see the whole world while being pushed around like royalty.


  • He’s rolling from his back to his stomach now. ┬áHe really enjoys praise and loves it when I tell him how smart and wonderful he is when he does it.
  • He’s started to sit up for a couple of seconds all by himself.
  • He’s obsessed with this painting of a lady we have in the house and will just laugh and laugh at her. ┬áI think he has a crush.
  • This boy loves people. ┬áHe smiles and giggles at everyone and loves being in other peoples arms.
  • He’s so cute that everyone wants to hold him.
  • No one can believe he’s just 5 months old. ┬áHe’s a big boy. ┬áMy little kale salad baby.
  • When I hear he’s awake I have to rush to the bed, he’s really started to scoot around and is always in peculiar positions.
  • He grabbed my apple out of my hand and started drooling all over it……It was super gross and I threw the apple away. We’ve decided to wait until he is 6 months to introduce solids.
  • He hates baby Einstein videos, but loves french kid songs. ┬áWeirdo

I can’t believe Arren will be a half a year next month. ┬áI told Carl I want to get a half a cake to celebrate his half birthday. ┬áHe just looked at me like I was crazy…..I’m totally going to do it.