4 Months with Arren Yuki

Arren is four months! A whopping four months, I can’t believe this spunky guy has only been with us for four months! I feel like I’ve known him forever and watching him grow and learn new things just makes my heart soar.

He really marches to the beat of his own drum and does things his way, its really cute. ┬áHe’s obsessed with his broccoli plushy this month, he sleeps with him close by and likes waking up to him, because if broccoli isn’t around when he wakes up all hell breaks loose.

Arren is getting so heavy and it doesn’t help that he wants to be carried around everywhere and see everything, he’s a very curious little guy, but man! after 2 hours of walking around with him he can cause some severe arm pain!


  • He’s so good at repeating things I show him. I showed him how to roll from side to side, and now he rolls like he’s having the time of his life. ┬áIts super cute. ┬áI showed him how to hit his little rattle like a tambourine and he started doing it. ┬áIts so fun seeing him make a connection to things I show him.
  • He rolled over ( from stomach to back) once and felt like that was enough, now he pulls himself forward (leopard crawls). ┬áHe really skips steps.
  • He bites everything! He bites my shoulder, my chin, my fingers, everything he can find he bites and gnaws at. ┬áIt hurts!
  • He’s all about giggling at strangers. ┬áHe giggled so hard at the lady trying to take his passport photo, making it difficult to get an appropriate passport photo. ┬áAt least he looked cute!
  • He’s always in the happy baby yoga pose these days. ┬áHe’s loving his feet.
  • We were trying to see how strong his neck was and saw that he can sit up by himself for a little bit?! Rolling over still sucks.
  • He loves his bumbo chair. ┬áHe’s a real boss baby.
  • He starts to smile when you say his full name.
  • He’s got a prominent bald patch on the back of his head.
  • He kicks with excitement when I read to him.

Every month feels like this is the best month so far! I just get so excited that he is mine forever.