3 Months with Arren Yuki

Our little Arren has grown so much this month.  I find myself looking at his newborn photos more often now and thinking that he looks just about ready for college these days!  He’s such a tall, big baby and everyone that sees him comments about his length.  I love him more and more each day,  I’ve  realised how motherhood is such a humbling experience.  I can no longer put myself first or even second! Taking care of someone that constantly needs you for every aspect of their lives makes you start putting yourself on the back burner. It is important to have a little bit of me time, but I would put Arren and Carl first every time if I could.   I’m loving this whole motherhood thing.

Arren is really alert these day’s and has the brightest eyes around town!  He’s been loving the carrier and prefers being strapped onto his dad,  Carl has the best fingers for sucking on in the whole world.  He’s so good in the carrier, he loves looking around, suckling on fingers and after a while just taking a nap in all the ruckus of the world.


  • Arren hates the baby in the mirror.  When he sees himself in the mirror he start screaming, looks away stops crying, looks at the baby again and just screams louder than ever.
  • He loves popping his shirt.  Every chance he gets he pops his shirt.  He’s really happy about his baby abs. Them gains.
  • He hates being in the car.  His best purple baby screaming happens in the car.
  • All attention must be on him and if you’re talking in a normal voice he just wont stand for it.  Talking politics in a baby voice is just weird.
  • He loves grabbing everything that will fit in his sweaty little hands.
  • He loves to coo talk,  and interrupting conversations with what he has to say.
  • Arren is all over with his sleep pattern sometimes we will have a great nights sleep and other nights be prepared to bounce him the whole night while singing him his favourite songs.
  • He loves colder weather.  When the weather is cloudy this guy just shines.  He’s all smiles and just giggles away a storm.  He sleeps better and he’s in such better spirits.  On hot days he just has bad days.

We’ve really gotten to know each other now and I’m no longer the frazzled new mother wondering if I’m doing things wrong.  Every day just gets better with this guy!