Getting on the floor

One of the things I’ve been trying to get better at is getting down to Arren’s level when speaking to him.┬á He understands more, responds better, and knows I’m not just going on a huge rant while walking through the apartment, but getting down on the floor for play is just as important. Continue reading

Walks around the park

Walks around the park is always interesting, with a curious toddler, there is always something new to see, sometimes it’s good things and sometimes it’s stressful, but having a toddler with severe food allergies in Poland is always a bit stressful. Continue reading

The biggest Cars fan around

It’s strange how these little things infiltrate your life, I tried to raise Arren to be gender neutral, but he turned into the biggest boy’s boy I’ve ever seen.┬á Before ever watching Cars he became the biggest fan and soon we started collecting all the little Cars merchandise we could find. Continue reading

Pizza Party

Motherhood can be so overwhelming, and when you add picky eating , stubborness, an extremely dramatic two year old and allergies to the mix you reach a high level of overwhelmed feelings you didn’t think you could reach. Continue reading