12 non dairy calcium rich foods.

When your child get’s diagnosed with a milk allergy, you might start to feel lost of ways to get calcium in their diet, if you have a picky eater or just a toddler, that feeling of hopelessness can just get amplified.

It’s no surprise Arren is picky, he’s really apprehensive of food,¬† who can blame him, going into anaphalactic shock before you turn one, will make anyone a bit weird about trying new things.

We all know how important calcium is in the diet, it builds strong bones and teeth and¬† helps their rapidly growing bodies.¬† Between 1 – 3¬† they need about 700mg of calcium per day, but even that might sound like an impossible task when you don’t have the normal dairy products to fall on.

Instead of worrying, I decided to educate myself on a lot of different calcium options, because sometimes not even fortified alternative milks will work for the picky eater.


1. Sesame seeds.¬† 1 tbsp of sesame seeds contain about 88mg of calcium,¬† if hulled it contains less calcium, but that’s still a lot of the good stuff, blend it into a smoothie, make sesame brittle, eat it on a spoon, whatever works for you do it!

2. Chia seeds. 2 tbsp of chia seeds contains 179 grams of calcium.  Chia seeds are also great for getting your omegas in.  Make a pudding, place it in a smoothie or make buckwheat porridge.

3. Fortified milk.  Soy, hemp, almond, rice, oat and pea milk, there are so many options available.  Some might not work for you, but one of them should, find the one that works for your family.  If you have other allergies, read the ingredients!

4. Almonds.¬† 1 cup of almonds contain 385mg of calcium.¬† Now I’m not suggesting you eat a whole jar of almond butter, but think about the calcium!

5. Tofu.  Love it or hate it, tofu is loaded with calcium. Blend it up for a chocolate pudding, fry it as tofu nuggets, the possibilities are endless with tofu.

6. Broccoli.¬† My toddlers enemy, boy does he hate broccoli, but with broccoli packed full of calcium I can’t let the opportunity to sneak in some calcium pass me by, so instead I sneak it into his chocolate pudding or chuck it in with his smoothie.¬† He doesn’t know any better.

7. Kale.¬† The superfood that was a superfood that wasn’t a superfood.¬† Who cares about superfood status, when 2 cups of kale has 180mg of calcium, blend it in a smoothie, saute it, eat it up! This is a calcium must have.

8. Sweet Potatoes.  Not only is sweet potatoes good for getting potassium and other nutrients it also contains calcium, and what better way to sneak calcium into a picky eaters diet, by disguising it as fries.

9. Fortified Orange juice.  Not only do you get vitamin C but you also get calcium a win win in my opinion.

10. Quinoa.¬† Not only is it a great protein, but it’s also contains calcium, make little fritters or eat as is.

11.¬† Blackstrap Molasses.¬† Not only does molasses make ginger snaps taste amazing, it also contains calcium, it’s also great for getting in some iron.¬† I miss 1 tbsp with some non dairy milk, mix really well, and enjoy.

12. Moringa Powder.¬† I’m a big fan of moringa, I find it easier to sneak it into things, then getting Arren to eat sometimes, he will rather drink something than eat something, especially when he’s teething.¬† Moringa contains; Iron, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, protein and calcium, this is a superfood I have in the house all the time.¬† Never without!