11 Months with Arren Yuki

The countdown has begun! In less than a month Arren will be a year old.  Oh, how the time has flown.

This month is the farewell to babyhood, Arren is looking more and more like a little boy and leaving all his baby features behind.  Carl called me over the other day, to show me that Arren is getting ankles,  I was so upset when I saw that his cute little fat rolls have been replaced with real ankles?!  At least he still has his chubby little wrists, I hope they stick around for a bit longer.

11 months with Arren, I can hardly believe it!  It feels like he has always been apart of our family, that we always needed him in our lives.  It’s been amazing to be someones comfort, friend, play mate, teacher, cook and nurse.  Being a mother means wearing a lot of different hats constantly.  Arren is such a Mama’s boy and I love it!  I’m hoping it lasts for a couple more years at least!


  • Knock on wood, but it seems like we have a little teething break.
  • Arren loves to dance, and we will often find him dancing to his favourite songs.  It’s the cutest
  • He’s not walking yet, but he has taken a couple of steps forward….for food
  • He’s fake laughing and finds odd things funny.  Like the words pezazz, izzy and zizzer zazzer zuz..
  • He’s such a little dramatic boy.  He will dramatically fall on me over and over again while laughing.
  • Sleeping at night is his least favourite thing to do.
  • He’s in a deep relationship with Marmite toast….he’s weird.
  • His favourite food is potato, blueberries, kale nice cream, apples, nectarines, blueberries and strawberries.
  • He’s got a thing for girls with brown hair and brown eyes….He giggles shyly, while having a huge smile on his face.
  • When I try to stack blocks with him, he grabs the blocks, turns around with his back towards me and starts stacking the blocks.  He thinks  I stole his blocks.
  • We play an epic game of crawling tag,  Arren will come at me and come get me all while giggling uncontrollably then he will crawl away really fast so I can get him.