10 Months with Arren Yuki

We’ve reached the double digits, in two months I will have a one year old!  It’s been 10 months with Arren and it kind of feels like 10 years.In some ways it feels like Arren has been a part of our family forever, but there are other times I just can’t believe that we have a baby.  Some people say that these times fly by, but these last 10 months has felt very long.  I’ve seen Arren go from helpless little baby, to an independent little menace.  It’s amazing how much growth can happen in just 10 months. 10 long, sleepless months.

Arren has always been his own person, sometimes I look at other babies and think, What’s wrong with them?  How can that baby fall asleep so easily, or not coo as loudly as Arren can when he sees something he likes.  It seems like Arren was born with spunk and I wouldn’t want it any other way, not even for the best night’s sleep of my life.

I often tell Carl that I think Arren will be my most difficult child, the one I will always have to keep an eye on.  I feel like even as a baby he is pushing me to think bigger, teaching me patience and appreciating other opinions.  Arren loves girls… we don’t know if it because he desperately wants a little sister or if he wants a girlfriend at the mature old age of 10 months, but  when he sees a girl his eyes just light up and he gets the biggest smile you can possibly imagine on his face.  We’ve already seen some baby crushes happen.  It all started with a lady painting we have and has progressed to random little girls at shops, it’s like he gets all googly eyed and shyly looks away while smiling.  He doesn’t even discriminate when his mama puts a bow tie on his head and calls it a bow.  He will kiss the mirror like he’s just found the prettiest girl in all the land.

At 10 months I’m so impressed about how much Arren absorbs, it’s true what they say babies are little sponges.  He’s able to remember a lot of things I taught him at the beginning months like spinning a lampshade on a lamp, taking off laundry and other domestic things like cooking dinner and going to college.  Just Kidding.  He’s not cooking dinner yet.

Arren’s 10 Month Update:

  • Arren is an expert crawler, he’s fast, cunning and downright naughty.  You won’t see him coming.
  • He pulls himself up on everything including his mother’s eyelids and walks along all the furniture.
  • He doesn’t clap, but he high fives and that’s way cooler.
  • He has a specific brown bear that he either loves or hates or both.  He will grab this brown bear, talk to it and then bite it’s nose.  Who knows what relationship they have?
  • He refuses to say papa , but can say no no no and of course mama.
  • He’s got great eyesight and will see something from so far away that you would never have imagined a baby would want to play with, like the latch at the bottom of a door.
  • He carries groceries and refuses to give it to the cashier to scan.
  • He notices any new thing coming into the house, he will inspect it and mark the box as his own.
  • His hair is finally starting to fill out.  Good bye, Charlie brown.