1 Month with Asher Naoki

Our sleepy little boy has been a blessing to add to our little family, even if it feels like Arren and Asher feeds off each others energy and try to drive Carl and I insane. Example, the one morning we were dedicated to getting out the house to go for an adventure, Arren put up a huge fuss because he didn’t want to go which ended up in a massive tantrum, Asher decided he wants to copy his big brother and started screaming louder than Arren and louder then Asher has ever screamed. We finally get everyone kind of ready yet huffy, only to open the door, to a cleaner that left the stairs extremely wet making it really unsafe to walk down with a stroller a child and a newborn baby, I rant about the inconsiderate maid and we all stay indoors instead.

A lot feels like it’s happened, but it also feels like nothing has happened, life is boring and hard, but we are all together as a family enjoying these times together. Better days are always closer than we might think.

Asher is such a cute little guy he’s so curious, he stares at everything for long periods of time he’s also so good at copying if i stick out my tongue he does it too.

We’ve been going on a lot of family walks, stopping at the park and going to the bookstore, I always end up going back to the apartment first because little Asher gets cranky, but its nice to get outside and walk again.

We are just soaking him up and enjoying being a family of four.