Valentines Day with Allergies

The day of love is notoriously known for candy and smooches, but with allergies things can get tricky.  On both those things, but how can you celebrate the day of love with your kids without making them feel left out?

It feels like every event has to be food related, it gets pretty annoying, most of the time I feel places could be made feel safer if people could just refrain from eating for 30 minutes.   I’m always baffled by how quick people are ready to whip out the peanuts right in the beginning of church.   I hate how things get made feel so unsafe right off the bat.  Almost everyone I meet don’t understand how them eating peanuts is such a big issue,  it’s not like they are offering it to Arren (even though sometimes they do),  the big issue is spreading the peanut dust everywhere. They touch peanuts, offer it to everyone around them, no one can go wash their hands and by touching things it just means you are spreading a reaction around that could send us to the hospital.  And don’t even get me started on how much people spill, when you have a two year old that would rather eat floor food than your food, you know they’re going to want to give it a try, but this is the world we live in, people don’t understand how a food can be so dangerous to some and not others, so how do you include your child without them feeling left out?

With so many companies coming up with great allergy friendly treats it’s easy!

If you’re looking for somethings to buy that’s candy related.

Dum Dums : Do not contain the top 8 allergens, facility free from  peanut, tree nut, milk, egg and wheat.

No Whey Chocolate :  Do not contain the top 8 + wheat, facility  free from top 8 + wheat

Smarties : Free from the top 8  + wheat, facility free from top 8 + wheat

Surf Sweets Fruity hearts: Free From top 8 + wheat and sesame.  These taste great.

YumEarth : free from top 8  allergens.  Our personal favorite allergy safe brand.  Arren is a big fan of the lollipops.

If You’re looking to make something that’s free from peanut, egg and dairy. 

Vegan Sugar cookies from minimalist baker.

Vegan  brownies from follow your heart

Vegan pink pancakes from emilie eats

Non candy related food class gifts

Top 50 non candy valentines gifts

25 non candy class gifts

a personal favorite I’ve seen lately is bubbles with heart washi tape wrapped around it with a card that says “you blow me away”.

And if you’re in the kissing stage with allergies here is a link about kissing with allergies.