That Farm life/ What’s cooking good looking

With this chapter slowly reaching its end (well hopefully we will be out of here in December) and a whole new book starting in another country.  I think its about time I wrote about the best part of my life so far.   The farm life! It sure has been good to me.  Fresh air all the time, great views, amazing sunsets, the odd rabbit sighting, horses just milling about and our little farm cottage.  I’ve really come to love this strange little cottage.  Yes, it only has one door  (no fire, no fire, no fire),  its slightly skew so you can never leave anything round on the counter or prepare yourself for a run and the frogs always seem to find a way in, but boy do I love it here.  Its the best way to forget all about your daily stress and just chill.  Falling asleep with those weird jackal sounds isnt  bad either.

Lets get to that farm life, yo!

Freshly baked bread

^^ The typical ” I live on a farm, Let’s get bread making” bread.  This is my 30 minute I have no time to waste bread.


Nut Free date balls

^^ Made these with my little night time snack monster in mind.  Nut Free and Oh so decadent, but really healthy date balls! Yum! Want more!

Vegan Apple Kuchen

^^ We decided to honour the Jewish new year with this apple kuchen. I also made matzo ball soup, but I really hated it.  Thank you Jewish companies for giving days off.

Rooibos Kombucha

^^ Really bubbly rooibos kombucha.  Guys, I’m drowning in scoby, what can I do with those guys.  I love them so much!


^^ Baobab Powder green smoothie.  Apparently the big ol’ jabba the hut tree, is a superfood.  Who new?! Its got a great taste!


^^ I’ve got the greatest husband in all the land.  Pretty flowers just for me.


^^ It seems I have a seed dropping problem.  Things have been popping out at random places.  Like these flowers on the walkway, also seen on the walkway a sunflower


^^ Kale popping out from the lavender garden.


^^ I don’t know the deal with this weed, but its pretty so it shall stay!


^^ We have not given up on the raised garden! ( The horses manhandled it and kicked it constantly) Now we have a bird problem, I’ve created this rather intense string obstacle course.  I can hear the birds laughing in my face now, while eating my kale.


^^ Pretty Calendula.


^^ Our landlords dogs pop in a lot.  This is Luigi, he is by far my favourite. He hates Carl.


^^ These pretty lilies opened up creating a one man nature show.


^^ But they are not alone like they hoped.  Just take a look at that rose bush.


^^ Soon.


^^ Everyday nature shows off with one of these.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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