That Farm Life / what’s cookin’ good lookin’

Its Fri-yay! Whoop, whoop and to make this Friday even better its October, well it was October yesterday, but yesterday got away from me, so today I will acknowledge your existence October. I love October, I love the way October looks (the actual word) ,its the tenth month (going into a solid double digit) and its Halloween month.  I know those were all a lot of strange reasons to love October, but those are my reasons so deal with it.  If October was Fall/Autumn here, it would just be perfect, but that’s not going to happen, unless global warming really does a number on the seasons and weather, maybe then it will be autumny here.  Okay, I’ve gone completely off topic.  I just love October, it means my birthday is near and that’s just dandy.

Lets get cracking on some farm life photos, shall we?

Garden roses

^^ The lilies and roses sure look pretty.  Every morning it feels like I’m being lured to some romantic rendezvous thanks to the rose petals sprinkled all over the walkway.  Nicely played nature.

Camomile plant

^^Camomile flowers.  They smell so good!


^^ Marigold have been popping out all over my medicinal garden. You can stay Marigold.

Raspberry bush

^^ Raspberry bush getting bushy, just like this new eyebrow trend.

Drying lavender

^^ It wouldn’t be a farm house without some herbs drying in the house.  This will become lavender salt.  Yum.

Tomato plant

^^ Tomato plants sure are the rogue plants of the world.  Apparently I chuck tomatoes around like a fairy sprinkling magic.  We have quite a few tomato plants growing all around the house.  The compost garden is doing better than everything else! Squash everywhere.

Sprouting lentils

^^ Sir Pugselton the Third, protecting the sprouting lentils.

Vegan Wedge salad

^^ I came up with this delicious wedge salad, its all in the dressing. Avocado, kale and spirulina are just a few things that make this dressing yummy.


^^ quick teriyaki stir fry with roasted chickpeas.

Acai Strawberry Smoothie

^^ So good acai strawberry smoothie.

indian feast

^^ Indian feasts! The best part of anyone’s day.  Vegetable curry, fennel seed roti and kale and onion pakoras.  So yum.

What’s your weekend plans?

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