That Farm Life/ What’s Cookin’ good lookin’

A lot has happened this week, you know when I said we pushed our travelling day back? Well, we found a good price for the day we wanted to go! How crazy is that?  We are all set to fly to Dublin on 10 December and 3 months after that we will be hitting up Peru for a couple of months!  All that’s left to do now is sell,sell sell, sell everything!

Needless to say the house is in a state.  Piles upon piles of stuff for donating.  Taking endless amounts of photos of things we own and selling them.  We ripped the house apart the other night looking for the cd that came with the record player, it was intense, we looked in ever single book we owned, in every record and now that I think about it….Why would a cd be in one of the books?  We eventually found it in my laptop.  Yes, so silly!

In between all the chaos I’ve also been saving bees left, right and centre.  I keep finding tired bees around, that will not be tolerated around me! Sugar water to the rescue.  I think I’m big in the bee community now. Maybe they will make me the queen bee soon.

You would think I haven’t had any time to cook, but you are mistaken! To the photos!


^^ Snacking on tomatoes, because YUM.


^^ Nut free pumpkin spice date balls.  So good.


^^ Gluten free zucchini fritters anyone?


^^ Green juice everyday!


^^ Cauliflower stuffed eggplant


^^ Really ugly scoby, but you make delicious kombucha.


^^ Puffed brown rice cereal days.

Have you been to Dublin? Anything you would suggest to see?

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