That Farm Life / What’s cookin’ good lookin’

Its been so hot here lately,  I guess it will be hot when you’re in a heat wave straight from hell.  Its been so hot that Belphie started to cat, I don’t even know how it happened?! He’s been jumping on the bed instead of pulling himself up like he’s a really bad rock climber, he’s been sleeping in the sun, being ridiculously cute and chasing other cats.  I don’t know this cat!

Call me delirious , but I haven’t been taking much photos of all my kitchen creations. Or it might be all the animals coming to visit us all of a sudden.  Distractions!


^^Belphie just catting away a storm.  We should probably cut the grass soon!

black horse

^^ Fire just storming into our garden without a care.   He stopped for a photo.


^^ all the animals love the sweet grass in front of our fence.


^^ Cutest little cows.


^^ lazing about.

dried dill

^^ Dried dill

Gluten free bread

^^ The best gluten free bread ever! I’ve recently given up gluten just to see if it will help get rid of the evil bloat.  So far so good! Everything has gluten in it! aaargh!

avocado gluten free bread

^^ Avocado on gluten free bread.  Yum!


^^ a pretty farm sunset.

What’s your weekend plans?

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