That Farm Life

Things on the farm has definitely cooled down, not heat wise, its still hot as hell here, but in the crazy people wanting to buy our stuff way. I have officially taken over from Carl in the dealing with people part. For some reason 95% people used and abused him (he’s just the sweetest thing) , so I have put on my slytherin scarf and settled into the uber B**** role.  I’m usually the nicest person you will ever meet, but right now I’m in “I will not get scammed or walked on” mode.  Its going rather well, and I haven’t even had the need to be mean.  I’m just treating this like a business deal and not taking nonsense.

A lot of people have asked me if I’m going back to family when we tell them we will be travelling, apparently I have a foreign accent? and no one believes I’m really South African.  Carl and I both have very monotone accents, we were talking about it last night and Carl explained it as a very neutral american accent.  I’m really glad I don’t sound South African, gosh darn! Now that’s an accent!  I think its my rambling.  I confuse people with the amount of words that roll out of my mouth at a ridiculous rate. Its like a word vomit.

Photo time.


^^ Gluten Free ginger biscuits.  Great out of the oven, really hard and chewy when cooled.


^^ Gluten free bread bruchetta.  I veganized a serious eats gluten free recipe.  This is a perfect sandwich bread.



^^ Cows grazing.


I put green in my hair for that added slytherin touch.  Dip dye is a breeze!


^^ Pretty drives.


^^ During the week we had a crazy thunderstorm with hardly any rain.  Just really crazy wind, we looked out the window to see this massive fire! Disaster management in our area controlled the fire pretty easily.  Which was surprising with the wind and the general dryness of the fields.


^^ A rarely documented sunrise.

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