an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ Weekends are made for gluten free, sugar free graham crackers.  These were so yum!


^^ Our neighbourhood beach was way to bright for Carl.


^^ The sand was so difficult to walk on, but so worth it.


^^ Pretty mountains and such a blue ocean.  Wow.



^^ Pretty flowers on our evening walk.


^^ I love this little neighbourhood, it gives me such an old school European feel.  All the kids playing on the streets, people constantly walking around and just a wonderful sense of community, and the cutest little houses you’ve ever seen.


^^ A bit of a commotion on the beach thanks to a dog running after this train trying to bite at it.  I’ve never actually seen a train slow down for a dog before.  The dog survived the ordeal.


^^ Magical.


^^ Pretty flowers on the beach.


^^ A pretty sky right in front of our little house.

Hey friends! How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything interesting? We had a completely overwhelming weekend filled with all the house things we are still trying to get done.  I’ve painted baby A’s room, but have been confused about painting the wooden ceiling or not, I really think the roof needs to be painted white to open up and brighten up this space, but at the same time I’m wondering if the wooden ceiling will go more with the woodland theme we’ve got going on in there.   So far I’m 95% in favour of painting it white.  What do you think? Should I paint it?

We’ve had glorious cooler weather here, that we’ve just been loving!  It would have been even better if we had our couch by now.  Ordering stuff online in South Africa is such a pain, in America you’ve got drone deliveries here we have to wait an unnaturally long time for anything to arrive!  We’ve also been trying to get a telephone line installed for internet, but wow its turned into the biggest deal! We apparently have to wait 5 – 21 days.   What kind of timeline is that? It doesn’t even make sense to me! Oh well! Everything is a lesson, and right now I’m learning how to have patience.

Here’s to another week! I hope this one is just as great.

an instant of life captured for eternity


^^ The bees are all out and and about enjoying all the almost spring flowers.


^^ Pretty flowers on our walk to the beach.


^^ Pretty ocean, we are convinced this ship is sinking.


^^ have you ever seen an albino squirrel.  Carl spotted this guy when we left from our hike and stopped to take photos of this guy.  The most photogenic, yet scruffiest squirrel around.


^^ what a poser.


^^ We made it back down just in time,  when we got to the car it seemed like rainmagadeon .  Just look at all this rain at a nursery.


^^ Amazing skies.


^^ Really blue water.


^^ another pretty sunset.


^^ Checking out the flowers while Carl takes a photo.  He always takes so long to take a photo.  Hence the face.

How was your weekend? We wen’t for a walk down to the beach, but it was an unbearably hot day with an unpleasant amount of people.  The promenade was filled with people cycling without helmets for them and their kids?  I find it so dangerous to see kids that aren’t even one yet on their parents bicycles without a helmet.   Protect your precious cargo, guys! We went for a lovely quick hike around deer park again, that was basically me just running telling Carl, I need to get my exercise in and he walks to slow.  It was a really great weekend, but any weekend with an albino squirrel will be interesting.

an instant of life captured for eternity

During a heatwave its best to just stay at home and do a little rain dance ,maybe? We didn’t do a rain dance, but we have been crazily swatting the air and pulling our hair out with all the flies and mosquitoes that have invaded the house! Its like the plague…and the cleaner the house the more flies seem to be coming in.  They are also super big fans of citronella essential oil, clove, eucalyptus and fly away incense.   Do you have any handy tips for keeping flies out of a farm house?  Burn the house down?

yard games

^^ Yard games are always a good idea.

Yard games

^^ Can you spot the ball?


^^ Everyday should be filled with bubbles.


^^ I’m a really serious bubble blower.  I’m holding on to the bow and arrow, I didn’t want to share.


^^ Blowing sun bubbles.


^^ pretty bubbles.

bubbles and sunset

bubbles and sunset




^^ Sun gazing.




^^ Carl lovingly named these horse poop flowers.  For obvious reasons.


^^ Sunsets like these.


^^ and this.


^^ The neighbours cat loves me.  The friendliest cat you will ever meet.  Belphie hates him.


^^ I still stroke him.

Stroking cows

^^ We woke up to really loud mooing outside our bedroom window and found the baby cows mooing at cows across the road.  I got licked by this little cow,  its tongue feels like Belphies.

How was your weekend?